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Device was pretty much my only guaranteed fantasy pick... -52 points((((
"Our goal is to beat some top teams"
I wish teams wouldn't just jump right into tournaments after something big happens. It takes up a spot that other teams could have and makes the matches boring to watch. Teams constantly say they have...
HLTV stats iis bugged
Liquid hasn't played much recently, I don't think navi has either, that's probably why.
Complexity poizon
Gg how do you think they'll perform now?
144hz on LAPTOP
Look up the product number or I.d. # of your laptop; either the manufacturer or a tech site should list all the specs, I'd recommend printing or screenshotting it incase you need something else.
wtf is FaZe doing?
Even more proof that good players & money =/= success. Idk why teams expect some of this shit to work immediately
Liquid and Astralis havent played much recently, why would keep their ranks? EG has won 2 events recently
No, while casting games he constantly brings it up
I didn't used to mind Bardolp, but all he talks about is skins, his stream, and his MM performance.
how to team practice?
Probably start with learning the normal starts, nades, calls, etc. For a map and form your strong maps/plays. Go over your demos to figure what you guys do right and wrong. Maybe watch VODs or demos o...
Eg bettors
I ended up profiting on live bets and the over so not doing too bad
FNATIC and NIP are back?
I meant they need to do it with some consistency. I don't think that one game is enough to say they're back, if they keep playing like they are against EG then I would.
FNATIC and NIP are back?
NiP needs to beat some actual tier 1 teams, not no name teams online before they're back
NIP good or EG bad?
EG is overhyped, but NIP/forest also really lit up today.
Natus Vincere vs Windigo
S1mple/Guardian next IBP?