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semmler tweet
This. Its not going to change the meta like the Aug/Krieg buff did.. it just gives more options to gameplay now. Like rifle strats instead of smg strats, but smg strats will still viable. I think its...
NEWS 16.11.19
thank mr tagesschau
Envy vs Singularity
Every time s0m loses my heart gets a little warm. I really hate that kid.
TYLOO vs Invictus
Realised yesterdays hacks were to obvious.
Invictus vs Alpha Red
There's no hope for CSGO when someone can hack a whole game so blatantly and nothing happens to them.
Esports Ranked 1-5
I wish i understood wtf was happening in Dota 2. Every time i go to a stream everyone is so hype but the game makes no sense to me.
192cm for 15 yo
Why are people on HLTV so obsessed with height. Its fucking weird.
You can see him moving in his chair just before it shakes. Obviously just changing his hand position.
Zeus lost the game
Makes me feels so bad for the rest of the team. There's nothing good to say about the way he played..
Liquid era lul
The Grand Slam is cursed.
R8 cute girl [18+]
jesus, people on hltv have low standards
Thanks, reading that gave me cancer.
NaVi will not win a major
Unfortunately agree. Its sad for s1mple that when he's in his prime he has to play against first Astralis and then Liquid, two of the best teams to ever touch the game. It just shows you how irrelevan...
just did 285+ kmph on the Autobahn
What car? Congrats on not dying.
South Africans come here
love you too mens))) edit. why you edit :(