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LoL<<<<<Literally any cs
Just because players have fun sometimes on pro LoL voicecoms doesn't make the game casual. Same is happening on CS voicecoms, we just don't have access to it anymore.
AWP imbalance.
If you take TOP20 players ratings for Big Events 2019, only 5 of them are main AWP (s1mple, Zywoo, Device, Woxic, Jame). That does not seems overpowered
Erdogan and Trump deal in Syria TURKS COME HERE
I feel bad for Kurds. They cleaned the shit for others countries against ISIS, and get a genocide in return. That's so fucked up, but can't say I expected something different from Turkey and USA.
I travelled a lot during my studies. Japan is one of the place that treat strangers the worst. Racism is rampant, I was quite surprised.
[18+] WEED
Pretty sad if you drink/smoke alone.
Because Ocelote probably has reach his limits about how much credits you can give the french scene. He tried everything, from the superteam he bought initially, to giving a chance to former glory (Ex6...
device won't be 2019 #1
2019 isn't over. There is no clear number one this year, and I feel like this is still a place to grab.
NaVi FIX 100%
The main issue for that kind of fix, is that it could go well like old fnatic who stayed dominant after -pronax +dennis, or it could go totally wrong like Faze -Karrigan and ruin a decent line-up. And...
I'm not saying communism is a solution. Even if the ideas seems correct are first, failure to implement it in a large group of people despite multiple tries is an indication that it can't work. On th...
100 Thiefs my logical view
With 100T coming in, FaZe most likely changing players, VP willing to go inter, Complexity willing to have a real T1 team, either most of them will fail or some teams will be bought out, because there...
Kazakhstan won a major before NA.
man cook = woman...real man get woman cook
The people who restrain themselves to do something because it may make them look feminine are the one who have issues with their masculanity or self confidence. Not the other way around.
Most tier1 awpers were really good at one point, but 2014 KennyS was a special beast, and we haven't seen an awper as dominant since.
Religion is stupid.
I don't have any problem with spirituality. I do think cults are mostly stupid, especially in western countries.
This is the problem with giving a microphone to stupid people. They use it.