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Winstrike vs AVANGAR
If theres no break between the games and they actually play it today Winstrike probably wins again. Full day of comp cs must be exhausting af.
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
Winstrike is in a good shape recently but Avangar is still one number to big for them rn id say.
Both full of nobrain fans that thrive on the cry of others ^^
Heretics vs Winstrike
"7. Dust2 was randomly selected of the remaining maps (Mirage left)" Why does the online event most teams dont care to much about use a fair veto system for bo3s whilst all of the big tournaments have...
GAY Pro Players
Me should i ever manage to go pro
North vs MVP PK
Somebody pls pls explain me why mvp didnt pick mirage... im thinking about it for 2 hours now and i just cant find a reason why nuke, a map thats even if you would be good at it always a risk over a m...
North vs MVP PK
Instead of taking the freewin on mirage they pick nuke. Sometimes im woundering what coaches are being payed for.
North vs MVP PK
+1.5 for MVP because north has to play mirage again and they always lose one map like that in bo3s.
Tricked vs Sprout
tricked is probably the most overestimated EU team rn.
BIG Manager 200IQ
i mean asking smooya to stop awping or just be 2nd awp is kind of a stupid idea and would make anyother new awper leave too if hes dedicated to his role in the game. Just stupid decisions everywhere b...
BIG Manager 200IQ
only reason he thinks that is because it kinda riped his career. Rather have no fun at all as a pro than not being a pro after the amount of work he put in...
BIG Manager 200IQ
they "benched" smooya because he didnt want to play with the way big is structured... He himself said he doesnt enjoy the way big plays, not word by word but atleast thats the impression uve got by re...
mousesports vs CR4ZY
200k pricepool is not enough to make a team care ... get invited or dont give a fuck about esl events anymore^^
Tricked vs BIG
now that gobb isnt even igling on all the maps anymore can he please retire?
Ancient vs NoChance
Mix teams are so inconsistent. Just players trying to use their teamm8s to get themselfs into a better spotlight.