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BR people
with one dollar you can have four reais. Very cheap
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
when I met my wife she was 16 and I 23.
"Go outside and talk to a girl"
body language is 80% of communication. You need to pay attention to signals that a woman is sending across the room. Have you ever heard a girl saying that men are dumb? When a girl tells that is be...
"Go outside and talk to a girl"
if this situation happens, then youre ugly mother**** kkkk. Just kidding. Awkward moments could happen, but you can use this situation to make a joke about it. If she smiles than you have ++ score. J...
"Go outside and talk to a girl"
you need to do eye contact first. if the girl does not correspond, try the next one and so on. For us is a game of numbers. We men have a scarce resources, eye contact is the cheapest one. After you h...
[18+] if your girlfriend cheated on you
here in Brazil there a famous writer Nelson Rodiguez that said "In any relationship theres someone who cheat and the other that dont. If you dont cheat, youre being cheated" Be the first to cheat. I...
he is a legend in my heart =P
he is a legend on 1.6 back in the 2000. Plis respect
New cache
tomorrow comes today
Fnatic era
"we in Europe dont hate each other" , 2 world wars later...
buying escort ?
If is true that he is a virgin then probably he never seen a real naked woman(porn does not count). Lost virginity needs patient from both sides. 15 minutes on the clock is a short time for that. I be...
buying escort ?
In the first 5 minutes you will lose your erection. Just saiyng. Good luck
ENCE without AleksiB
What I like seeing ence play with aleksib was his insane mid round calls.
Never had a hangover.... why?
When you have 21 shots of tequila and some shots of vodka at one night you can come here again and see if is that true
FaZe need an IGL so much
Karrigan has more impact than anyone has as a IGL at FaZe. See him in mousesports.