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Can't improve
Gachibeeest !!
i will never have a gf
Don't listen to jaker man ffs!
Luminosity vs NRG
Like Poland scene jajajaja
S1mple’s tweet
4 years ago man, 4 years ago, they both have grown and 100% have respect for each other S1mple proves it
S1mple’s tweet
Wow, that is the most powerful publicity ever, every org gonna look for him now!
Give me your TSM ideas
That's funny how we totally disagree on one point and totally agree on another one XD
Give me your TSM ideas
Alright man no offense but saying happy isn't a good igl is really bs. Btw I've seen the line up you've made , about the roles the team is a clever idea but the problem will be the fire power (to1nou...
Give me your TSM ideas
Oskar 100% no natosaphix
Give me your TSM ideas
Just take a look about the line-up in itself don't think about possible/not possible. I can't agree with you, happy showed terrible things for so much time but he actually played really good in his ro...
Give me your TSM ideas
TSM: Happy Bodyy kioshiMa Maka LOGAN
Slavic girls are the most beautiful?
My gf is Italo/Moroccan , let me tell you that she is the fucking sexiest girl on earth, best origins imo
g2 damnn
Error 404 brain not found
MIBR LOST $ 500.000
Felps is the problem. Actually if the teams were composed of only 4 players MIBR would 100% be the best because they have the best 4 core on CS scene BUT as far as we know cs is a 5 players team game ...
g2 damnn
Man if a top 20 team isn't a t1 team for you then please f*kn explain us what should a t1 team be
Absolute vs G2
Name checks out