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NRG vs Liquid
Liquid is way more better, but they'll lose cause they always get 2nd place unfortunally
Top 4 best French teams
3 LDLC 4 3DMAX J'avais zappé bien vu
ur height and age?
22 y.o for 211 cm and 120kg
Top 4 best French teams
Man wtf it was a typing mistake , I wanted to write would so calm the fuck down 10cm fucker, I would rape your virginity off from my 211cm 120kg.
Top 4 best French teams
Teams would be : 1 - Vitality 2 - G2 3 - 3DMAX 4 - aAa
what happened to French scene?
I pretty like the idea but if you take a look it's the old version of g2 with Zywoo instead of bodyy, knowing the old G2 version didn't performed godlike I would recommend shox KennyS ZyWoo AmaNEk ...
Full French Fix
Nah ZyWoo is extremely strong with riffle, it would be so bad to let him only snipe, and kennyS with confidence could comeback at his best level and would be much more efficient than zywoo sniping
Full French Fix
Top 4 Best french teams world be : -shox (riffle/IGL Support) -kennyS (main awp) -ZywOo (riffle/awp) -AmaNEk (riffle/ main IGL) -devoduvek (riffle) -ozStriker (Coach) Also I'd love to see : -apEX (r...
xptdre rip dude
Loved it haha gg
Virtus.pro vs Astralis
Astralis 16-2 VP Mark my words
I'm disgusted by the amount of perverts out there...
forsaken 2nd chance?
Following the logic every cheaters who has made mistakes should have another chance. But to me, it's just no. Rules are the same for everyone. To give another chance to a cheaters is as stupid as givi...
[20+] rate girl
J0nty you just killed it! Rip Nixon xD
Vacation locations
The best location I ever visited is New York, so if you can just go ahead it's the sexiest place ever! (Even Miami and Los Angeles was under NY imo) But if you don't have the money enough for that jus...