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FaZe Espiranto
Because he is insane and could make this work in FaZe
Get exposed debtman lololololo
TaZ's Mercedes
Just read the article about VPs downfall Kuben himself says it has something to do with it
TaZ's Mercedes
Dreamhack offered a Mercedes to TaZ because he won the tournament and his team mates for mad and jealous at him , that was a part of the downhill before VP became pure trash, that's sad because that t...
TaZ's Mercedes
Laughed my was off good one f0wlie +1
"Good old days"
I feel you , I even got bored of playing CS because of that it became pointless since I don't want to go pro or something , so I play one game every 2 3 weeks , but I still watch the csgo scene reall...
"Good old days"
Everybody knows that this was the best part of cs by that time
"Good old days"
2015 for cs, I started playing it alot on that year and the feelings were amazing, I would watch kennyS and shox fragmovies everyday and watch those legendary Nip vs fnatic matches! I loved the old i...
Vitality > Mibr G2 > Furia /close
zywoo truth
That's why he reached number 1 of 2019. /close
Respect to Heretics
Also Nivera is proving he is godlike! :)
They lost their game but won our hearts <3
blamef hacking??
Just imagine thinking you're good when you're ge Btw I am as well but who cares it's not about the level here it's just about being not too dumb and think a little bit , I would have appreciated to ha...
blamef hacking??
Too much sources dude wow
blamef hacking??
Ok mate keep hating on pro players because you will never ever reach a percent of their level even if you're playing all day long. Hope you will enjoy watching them lifting big trophies on lan :)