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NBA fans come here
Once again i really think this is a 7 game series meaning it could go other way and the heat do deserve a ring given how they were counted out and pushed through But i need to restate that boston is...
NBA fans come here
Iguodala cant hold anybody anymore Dragic supposed to guard kemba or something??? Face it, celtics present a different issue than the bucks, bucks live and die by giannis, celtics have 4 perimeter 2...
NBA fans come here
OP mustve forgotten when he said rockets lakers go 7 G6 vs kawhiless spurs G7 vs warriors 0 3s made G6 vs kdless warriors Harden been an inefficient playoff choker
NBA fans come here
Canadian basketball lmao
NBA fans come here
Lakers will lose to the clippers barring injury or pandemic p
NBA fans come here
Miami looking strong af but do they have enough perimeter defense for 4 efficient 20 ppg scorers in boston? Hayward is coming back
NBA fans come here
Mustve forgotten harden is the king of shooting 25% and 17-20 free throws in the playoffs
NBA fans come here
You got super confident after the raptors won game 3 to a late clock start at 0.5 and the refs basically gave the raptors game 6 Celtics really were the better team 6 out of 7 games this series witho...
Na scene
First off Prime astrlis was 2018, this was revamped astralis not as strong as prime astralis Second of all If u dont understand the fundamental difference between a win and a 7-16 loss (-9 vs +4 is...
Na scene
Do you not understand the difference between a close win and a 7-16 loss? This example is extremely flawed I know astralis underperformed but mouz was way worse
Na scene
Astralis won Mouz got destroyed Clear difference lmao
Na scene
Tbh a loss that bad cannot be justified by summit Even if it was a practice, the talent of mouz should get them at least 12 rounds
How many hours do you need to get enough sleep?
If i have a morning class i would very occasionally be awake past 2 am anyways
How many hours do you need to get enough sleep?
To function? 4-6 To feel comfortable? 7-8 If its already past 2 am? 12-14
Gta bestest?
Vc sorry