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[18+] hot asian grill
Bro that post is from her, her ig name right on there -_-
GoT hype
okay so if i have different point of view with u, that makes me a retard ? u like ss8 -> u r god or something else so much better than me. i dont like it -> i'm a retard, a funny clown. i say what i w...
GoT hype
lmao " ...because it's not the way they want to see" okay, i get it, it's not that the season 8 sucks, but because it's not what i want to see. okay, u win. i give up with this argument
GoT hype
wait...u mean although the season 8 is so so so bad, but i cant say anything, just shut up to pay respect those actors ?????????? what the freaking fuck was that ??? what kind of logic is that man ???...
GoT hype
did i say something disrespectfull to all those actors? remake season 8 ffs is disrespect to those actors ??? u mean remake the season 8 would make those actors feel worst than before ???
GoT hype
i'm okay with that too, but be careful, mixer slayer may ask u to stfu and show respect to what ever that is tho
GoT hype
what the actual fuck is that? u dumb or what ? lost your brain in that season ?
kio top1 hltv
wow u got me...
GoT hype
remake the season 8 ffs
rate my nickname
rate my nickname
Oh great, again ?
rate my nickname
Look man, i guess when u made that thread with those racist capitals, u just wanna made joke, right? So when i said u racist, u could just made a joke back to me, because i was trying to have fun with...
r8 this music
Weird music, tbh i can only listen to a half of the vid