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Is it not weird thst cis teams are rekting favors? NRG and vitality? and it's major made by CIS
If s1mple didnt move to Na'Vi
How do you know it?
+cache -what?
Why there's just only 7 map? Would it be so big change to instead of changing 1 map, just give 2 more? I don;t know, cobble and cache? Or buy tuscan and give it with cache? There would be 9 maps, stil...
did s1mple threw vs Liquid ??
Firstly we can;t be sure that if Liquid lost first map, they would lost second as well. They could be more focused on it etc
We are not talking about VP here, but yes, and what?
Once a year they are "good", I mean G2, cause Vitality is constant.
Faze roster fuck ups
Ye, ye, ye, ye, ye... You ll always knows everything better. If they won that event or esl cologne, you all would say GREAT PICK!! Now they lost, so you all are talking bullshits, SHIT PICK. I don't k...
They are not constant with their form, sometimes 1 player is playing like a GOD, but then he is like fucking bot.
I don't know how big is IGL role, but when I was watching game they were losing most of individuals fights. And it didn't start now, it began few weeks before they kicked karrigan. Honestly they are ...
Liquid vs HellRaisers
ECS semifinal predictions
In my opinion Vitality will beat NRG 2:0, and Furia will beat North 2:1. But we will see
Liquid vs FaZe
Did they? I like Adren, but they didn't play well with him. I don't know if faze will be much better with NEO but it looks like. Give him few weeks and they should play very good cs.
Grayhound vs FaZe
Why they didn't take ustilo for stand in? YNk is playing really bad
[18+, SPOILER] GOT fans come here
What do you think about this episode? I fucking love it, but I read many bad comments about it.
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
Is it already 0-11 for MIBR in blast seriers?