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Strongest Jedi/Sith?
Anakin is literally a manifestation of the force, it is physically impossible for anyone to be more powerful than him. Windu was considered the most powerful jedi in the order by the rise of the empi...
Strongest Jedi/Sith?
Dooku and Maul > Anakin and Windu? wat
got season 8 episode 1
That was Aegon Targaryen
Galil needs BUFF
M249 isn't even bad, if it was like 4000 i bet it'd actually be used quite a bit
-ChrisJ +suNny
Dosia is only relevant because of his looks lmao
-ChrisJ +suNny
I don't get why they opted to keep chrisJ. Woxic is a better AWPer, Karrigan is a better IGL, and as a rifler there are so many better options to choose from.
-GTR +Flusha -Dennis +nawwk Would be the ideal solution, flusha is basically a straight upgrade to GTR (And can help Lekr0 with the IGL role) whereas nawwk would bring some much needed AWPing capabill...
He's still better than GTR.
The Ultimate CS:GO Quiz
1. Zero, Styko, Queztone, Oskar and Ange1 2. Hiko, Shroud, Semphis, N0thing and Seangares 3. Because of a texture glitch allowing Olof to see through some walls on the outskirts of the map. 4. ENCE...
Teams that I wanna fix
Nawwk? He's probably cheaper than draken as well.
Predict roster changes
As did Styko, although he didn't get as much shit from the community.
FaZe improvement - My opinion
If you're gonna swap players, then -karrigan +tarik. Otherwise more practice should be enough as they definitely have the individual talent to be top 1.
Volvo changed his mind
You do realize MM and faceit still exist?
Volvo changed his mind
Why would they remove a gamemode just because some kids think it's cool to hate on it?
The device delusion
Put s1mple in Astralis and he'll be winning majors too. Despite having to work around the language barrier.