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Older or younger gf?
Wow, that really is some incel kind of thinking. Who cares how many partners a woman has had, the past is the past, and as long as you can make it work in your new relationship it doesn't really matte...
Ubunut mens come plz
Stop playing on your work computer? Don't play on ubuntu it fucking blows. Also Nvidia graphic drivers have dogshit compatibility with linux system and have many glitches (learned this the hard way wh...
C9 new team proposition
Loba on any team should just disband
CS actually dying?
UK has some of the best universities just like China and USA has. The score is inflated due to high school completion being subjective according to the country within. What does high school in Denmark...
CS actually dying?
Average IQ of China is 105 IQ, signinficantly higher than DK, but that doesn't mean the country isn't a complete shithole and their education system inherently flawed.
CS actually dying?
How do you not know the difference as a native speaker? I knew UK education was bad, but this is just pathetic.
I kinda have to agree. His form was atrocious last series, however, they haven't played much lately, but he was really strong in the first RMR tournament.
Pansy garbage tier
If you think valde is the problem you're delusional. He is the second best player behind mantuu (arguably best, because mantuu is awping) NBK is a bot and so is ISSAA sometimes.
Who is #1 rn?
Probably G2
First name.
This is now my name, thanks
Awpers bad with other guns
How are you level 10 faceit but supreme MM? Wtf level 5 faceit is like GE MM
Literally nobody thought this