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'we'll be back in just a second'
Never paid attention rly. I ll check from now on
'we'll be back in just a second'
What org you would like to get back ?
How much kebab cost
Screw you kurd fun
Military Mission
Now they will be "armed extremist militas". Lel
Military Mission
Yea go attack venezuela cuz there is petrol. What a great country really...
Turkey is part of EU
You just said democracy= right to protest for terrorist groups.
Turkey is part of EU
When arabs protesting for something terrorist its a crime yea, but not for kurds , never have been. No im not doing this i aint gonna get banned vuz of worthless kurdish been who fled from syria turke...
Turkey is part of EU
Are you a kurd who got offended or are you drunk? I pointed out dance cuz they do dance and you can recognize em by that.. this coversation is going out of ots route..
Turkey is part of EU
Dunno about erdogan fans, never saw em. But i saw theese kurds with their yellow red flags and shit dances each time i ve been in germany and france.German boiz dont let kurds ans erdogans fight on yo...
Turkey is part of EU
No but some of my family members do, why tho?
Turkey is part of EU
Why u guys let em destroy your streets ,block the roads and overall create chaos? I wouldnt like to hear em shouting their lies. Every time they shout for armed groups and a fat man who was declared ...
Turkey is part of EU
I know about kurds . And pls do not state a terrorist group is good becouse they fought isis. Have you ever wondered who formed both isis and kurdish groups? Pls guys open your eyes already. Just stop...
Turkey is part of EU
Dunno about turks but eu gotta kick thoose kurds out of its borders. Whenever im at central eu they are protesting something terrorist. Just get he hell out of eu and go to your arab lands kurds. Sinc...
peaky blinders
Lmao , papel was shiet compared to pb. Pb goat