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ooga booga
3 Aussies and 1 Unknown location
1024x768 Stretched
Very smart mens
ooga booga
MIBR conspiracy theory
LOL It be like dat mens
Dad abused me using wine
Catch a train there, they are pretty different.
Where were you?
Well I don't remember, but u was at the club. That is for sure man.
Why play faceit if you don't know the game?
Thanks man, hope you get less noob teammates! lol <3
Why play faceit if you don't know the game?
I do agree with that point, but even though I never top frag, I rarely bottom frag and even if I do't get the kills I think I provide an asset getting info and playing around them (Flashing them in, t...
So I personally have a unique opinion on this matter. I think it is OK to have any of the 4 sexualities, Straight, Bi, Gay and Ace. Transgenders are different because the whole point of being "trans" ...
Why play faceit if you don't know the game?
I personally play it because most of the people I play with, seem to be better than me. It helps me learn, as they are already more experienced than me.
Pro Life ?
Thx bby, no homo, don't make me abort my baby pls babe
Pro Life ?
You said it wrong bro,"Lol, I don't have sex" is right Lemme quote that real quick "Lol, I don't have sex" ~Waterfuk 2019
Pro Life ?
Do not worry my friend, he is from NA.. xD
Pro Life ?
Agreed, it is 100% the rapists fault and the baby has to be killed for no reason other than, "it stuff my life up". The baby is conscious and alive, to kill that would be the same as suffocating a tod...
girlfriend problem
^facts right here