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A new name for MiBR
You got me bro XDD.
A new name for MiBR
But you see, tarik & stewi aren't half bad. They contribute pretty well to the team, and now Mibr can consistenly take one map away from astralis. See the point?
A new name for MiBR
How about MiNA ? a.k.a. Made in North America xD Pretty sure it's gonna be this way after Swag joins this party P/s: BRUSA (plus letter "A") sounds more triumpt in my opinion, just like flushA!
skadoodle playing cod
Yea, sad but true. The current line-up isn't strong enough
Na is still the biggest joke rn
Well, 10 mil is still bigger than any country in the Scandinavia. Not an excuse dude
if a girl....
This is exactly why you shouldn't ask dating questions on HLTV They just told you to go #FULLRAPEMODE
Well mostly they are poor, their standard of living is lower than that of Sweden's/ end of story.
Hey I like france2018123, keep up the good work
First SEX
Yea, couldn't agree more...
What languages do you speak?
What languages do you speak?
Yes sir
What languages do you speak?
Dankon. Mi estas bone!
What languages do you speak?
English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Esperanto and a lil' bit of Italian
insecure cus my height
Are u from the Middle East? Let's be honest I'm not a feminist shit or smth, but this is the most ridiculous comment of the day
father died but
Yeah, that should be it. 'Course you would be shocked cause I you're still young, but time will heal. You'll get over it I believe Have a tranquil time !