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Finland's birth rate roughly correlates with Sweden's OMEGALUL.
Obviously referring to the refugee wave from the Syrian Civil War.
Iam muslim albanian
Israel who?
Age = loss of reflex?
Yeah but that is mostly because their reflexes deteriorate and they can't compete at the same level anymore. If they could they probably would keep playing after 30.
Age = loss of reflex?
Because you don't go instantly bad after 30 and your phyiscal abilities are very individual so you might be able to sustain a career longer than average.
the fascists can be beaten
Sad typical fat and ugly virgin closet nazi who has a miserable life. I wish you to eventually find happiness nonetheless.
is 1.5 sensitivity low
0/8 obviously filter by "big events". offline games against nonamers don't really count.
is 1.5 sensitivity low
lol good one
is 1.5 sensitivity low
Oskar better team and higher rating than smoo "who?" ya.
capitalism > socialism
Cuba didn't fuck themselves, they got fucked by a superpower for the simple reason that they wouldn't ally with the US. Any country in such a position is obviously going to have a rough time, especial...
capitalism > socialism
Considering Cuba is fucked by trade restrictions from guess who (the US) and Norway is at the top of the charts compared to all capitalist countries in the world, cuba is doing pretty fucking good. Al...
THICC (18+)
Well, this is good news for those girls most people would call ugly in some way.
THICC (18+)
Hot girls and good girls are two completely different things lol. You really sound like a virgin.
Niko to mibr
He has been extremely good in all teams he's ever played in. He carried that serbian team he stuck with for a long time in the beginning of csgo, he carried mouz for years because of his loyalty to th...