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Best film directors?
P. T. Anderson
Volvo would never include Mazda slogan to the game!
Baiters with poorly constructed baits are as bad and useless as people who thinks it sincerely and this guy went full Tropic thunder.
"4-5 hours max. also free days almost everytime a big event isnt happening" ... ignorance is a bliss
are Americans fatter in small towns?
1st) portions in US in general are ridiculous 2nd) the country is so big that a car is a must -> people don't walk as much as Europeans or Asians ... but there's imho a huge difference between country...
1st) You would know what's going on in to the job and you would maybe appreciate more the work these guys do. 2nd) It's much useful to make a difference than to whine.
You can apply for the job and do it better. ;)
Isn't Oskar even older than Guardian?
French music ... this is the original video
French music
Well, because this thread seems like a decent throw back session. This was a hit video for "similar reasons" back in the days.
French music
well, tbh. her fame was combination of a decent voice and, mainly, the fact she was like, ridiculously sexy, cute etc. ... With the youth gone, she doesn't have as much to offer unfortunately.
French music
I don't share your opinion.
French music
33, she's just a few months older than me (poor little soul :D ), my "obsession" with her was right around that time when she was doing this dance etc. ... and AFAIK she still does music, but she is...