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HellRaisers vs fnatic
Isn’t he like 27? Wouldn’t call him a youngster, but wouldn’t call him old as fuck also.
Socialism in 2019...
Property laws of PRC can hardly be called “Socialistic”.
csgo filled with cheaters
Rust is not br, it’s survival sandbox like Ark and so on.
New religion
I recommend Homo Deus book by Harari. There’s quite a well argumented point of view what religion is in context of our species and also well put argument about Humanism, Communism, Liberalism and oth...
kennyS at peak vs S1mple at peak
Simple overall. But Kenny in his peak form was absolutely ridiculous. Even Simple is nowhere near that state when I literally felt bad for people who had to play against battle AWPing Kenny.
AWP Nerf ideas
Just make it so scoping takes slightly more time.
USA gun laws
Although I am not a priori against gruaranteed UHC, I think that much more effective way for a society is to create such environment where healthcare transform itself in to universality. But you can a...
USA gun laws
I am not American, therefore I didn’t vote at all. But if I had the opportunity I wouldn’t vote for Sanders, because I don’t believe that universal healthcare and other socialistic plans are the way f...
USA gun laws
USA need more affordable medical care, not gun laws. Gun crime isn’t intrinsic to gun ownership, it’s a personal choice and much more prevalent in case of untreated psycho pathological individuals.
3 is great, 2 is good, 1 doesn’t have fully realized formula, 4 is just a DLC for 3 and 5 is like that tv series which is still quite enjoyable, but everyone can see that it’s just a milking of the br...
LoL beta esport game
Ye, I know. I just wanted to say that if someone would act like this during Major, I am quite sure Valve would do the same.
LoL beta esport game
let’s say that 2GD was fired because his commentary was damaging to Valve’s business ... not politically incorrect, more like really over the top ... calling players on stream “bitch”, “retards” etc. ...
Updating religions
The power of a deistic religion lies fully in its revelations. The state of our technological and societal progress gives almost no room for new revelations to be implemented. The whole mechanism of i...