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What the fuck is up with the Chinese CSGO scene, also the whole Asian one. Biggest continent in the world with the smallest balls in the world. Not literally though
China Number Zero
That means the whole of Asia and counts your asses too Russians.
Why Germans hate Turks ??
They dont have a really good relationship but they also dont have a bad one either. I lived here in Cologne and saw a lot of Turks and Syrians but they seem pretty normal and legit to me. Nobody ever ...
Cloud9 vs Winstrike
Get out of here Russian noobs
If they land on either D2, Overpass or Inferno, and maybe Nuke, G2 can pull this off
Hyper Fan Boy huh?
G2 vs fnatic
Sweds losing to a bunch of tier 2-3s. Wtf are you doing man? Smoking weed and buying IKEA?
3DMAX vs G2
16-6 16-6 You playing balance games huh?
Liquid vs Astralis
1st time losing in 2nd place. Good way to start 2019, saving the best for last.
Vitality FIX
replace Happy for shox, Rpk for jackz, and zywoo for kennys
Vitality vs G2
Too weak NBK and Apex, dont get sad when your team ditched you after winning esl pro league season 5
Astralis vs MIBR
MIBR trash after moving pre c9 roster
Astralis vs Cloud9
place your bets on Astralis, Astralis will definitely win and i wont jinx it. EZ4MAHBOIDEVICE
G2 vs Sharks
Jeez 16-0. I was a G2 fan when this wasn't even POSI SIBLE!!! LETZ GO ASTRALIS AND G2 BUT I LOVE ASTRALIS MORE!!!!!!! :D
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
Rip c9, changed from NA to EU and are shitting their pants off trying to win another eleague major