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I guess your IQ
ahahahahah nt US not part of earth, you Alien
I guess your IQ
~25 14 Flag 2, very basic level in 3 more green
ENCE not getting invites?
what about renegades?
Marvel Movies
I personally really enjoy the atmosphere around the MCU. Plus bringing them all together to create a mass explosion of cgi with cool fights and characters that you have grown to love. It is a dream fo...
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XD never forget
Most overrated team in CSGO history
When I say some braindead brazilians I meant that only a few brazilians are that retarded. Sorry english not my first language +1
Most overrated team in CSGO history
Most overrated team in CSGO history
it is the AUG meta now, there is no need to complain about it, if a team does not use AUGs they are just stupid
Most overrated team in CSGO history
During the SK/Luminosity era they were good and not overrated, after they won those 2 majors they were overrated for a bit. RN they are not overrated everyone knows they are playing bad except for som...
Danes why is the most successful thing in your country an esports team?
Yeah there was a showmatch like a year ago with 2 different danish school teams playing. I think it was the tournament where Faze and Fnatic were in best of five finals that ended on train, cant remem...
Thx, i took this one 98F5FB5AB2E9083CC7DAC3FDB0F43798, many have already been taken hope i did not yoink the last one
G2 will win Charleroi Esports
we will see if the new LDLC lineup is capable
school survey help
Tf is a chase branch ? (x6)
countries that should unite
Switzerland, Lichtenstein, they should belong to us
NBK killed Zywoo talent
Ex6tenz is not good, ffs why does everyone think he is a brilliant mastermind.