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Faze Katowice Major
You know why they like having karrigan on the team? Team spirit and the fact that he never baits and always always plays for the team
CS: 3 when?
The skin market is what has kept cs running this long, if they mess over all those skin buyers, then csgo will die
CS: 3 when?
Youtube > twitch >>>>> facebook
Red Dead Redemption 2
Nah its hard to get emotionally involved in characters made by rockstar, their always very 1 dimensional and it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. Its a shame as the game was pretty good up ...
reason why CSGO is boring now
I made a thread about this the other day, but i was just using it to point out why astralis find it so easy atm, the whole hltv attacked me so...
reason why CSGO is boring now
I think its just an over saturated market now, i.e there are so many LANs so many online leagues ect, it just gets really draining for the top players so they loose their interest. Also, the whole pla...
Rather live in Sweden than Denmark ngl
-karrigan +seized
Is anyone gonna translate this or should we just report the thread as its not in english??
If FAZE doesn't win Blast Lisbon...
Ah yea i remember the IEM event, faze came 3rd though so i dont get why everyone is saying they are playing so bad? A 1st place followed by 3rd is pretty good no?
If FAZE doesn't win Blast Lisbon...
1) he never said he was a faze fan. 2) he didnt mention any major, you did 3) you mentioned cry first therefore you lose whatever argument is happening. 4) have a nice day kid
If FAZE doesn't win Blast Lisbon...
Yeah thats the one, has there been another LAN since? I thought it was the last LAN tourney, the rest were just online tourneys with finals being on lan? I might be wrong
If FAZE doesn't win Blast Lisbon...
I dont think he even mentioned the major. QQ more kid
If FAZE doesn't win Blast Lisbon...
I thought they won something at the end of October before all of this online cs?
It has to be a bait
Not only that but karrigan to c9? Niko to mibr too? why is everyone baiting
Stewie2k most overrated
Faze worked so well before olof took a break, they still did really well after. They just started playing bad during the online seasons which is why everyone thinks theyre bad now. They just hate play...