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What is your CSGO workout routine?
Same hehe No progress but fun
2 dollars
Ofc no, he can go to major so - Karrigan +Forsaken
Navi mir
NaVi Seized NaVi DosiaXgod -electronic -pimple Top1 team
Faze snax would work
FaZe Snax Karrigan Down Ez top1
top 6 eras in csgo
Vp top1 era
-Karrigan + ?
+Pronax -rain +makelele Top1 confirmed
AOC or Asus monitor?
Qled 49 inch samsung 3840x 1080
Zeus !!!
-Zeus +Dosia Closed
Is EU MM always so depressing?
Ofc its good to have some advantages. I was still great on glock rounds (mostly 2-3k entries) on my crappy computer, but i sucked with usp. I just cant handle rushing ts with my bad aim, bad fps, but ...
Is EU MM always so depressing?
I got 1700 wins and was supreme solo 45fps avg Numbers are just from my experience(last time played summer) Not possible to don’t play crappy games even if yoy try best and being nice. There can be ju...
Is EU MM always so depressing?
but its mm, so dont expect always good teammates 20% are games with good teammates rest is just so so but you know its mm, its mix, its just for fun and you carry always if you good ez globalus
Is EU MM always so depressing?
its 2% like this 15-20% toxic games In my opinion
A New CS? Or better and bigger updates for CS:GO?
There will be new CS with new name in the future like Counter Strike: ..... Until CS:GO will retire
640x480 master race come here!
i've manage to reach supreme on macbook pro with just 30-60fps without buying AK and broken mouse (click left is on the side and just 1 button works on top xd)