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can nitr0 comback
No. Maybe as a coach or analyst. But not as a player. He's been with the squad since January, 2015. In terms of the average esports player, he's accomplished an INCREDIBLE feat for an NA CS player.....
Multiple competing platforms isn't sad for esports - its sad for monopoly platforms like Twitch. The competition will breed growth and development in both esports and streaming platforms. This is a...
Astralis retire pls
I was being serious, but thanks for degrading the intention.
Astralis retire pls
The simplest truth is most CSGO players don't care to win and be the best. They are content NOT holding Astralis' trophies. Allow me to elaborate (and I'll try to make it brief): Players have multip...
German CS dead?
Nope, I wrote it. TL;DR is: - A mixed Canadian group of Tier 3/4 CSGO players got signed by GenG Esports and won a $20k tourney. They earned the equivalent of 2 years of their CSGO lower tier earning...
German CS dead?
Problem with semi-pro or preceding semi-pro scenes is everybody thinks they're better than everyone else. It's always someone else's fault because YOU played your game properly. I give credit to pros ...
Are you calm or angry when you play cs:go?
Yeah, I'm too much of a competitor to have that mindset. I enjoy playing the best I can, and I like to see the same from teammates. It kind of baffles me that players would even play just to drift by...
We Have To Talk
"There's currently an NA/Asia league called efire." End of discussion. "Organized" Tier 63 CS is utterly irrelevant and I'd never watch those matches even if it'd save the entire scene. Srry.