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idk what University degree do
A college near me now offers a 4-yr degree: Robotics and Automation... THIS is the future. So many careers (especially number-crunching / office jobs) will be getting replaced by automated AI. You m...
1. Mongol Reason: Was 3x the size of the Roman Empire at it's height (13.4 million sq miles vs. 3.4 of Rome). - It was started by a single man who was cast into poverty as a boy, hunted off wild game...
Best CS Team Ever
Anyone in the actual scene with a professional opinion would disagree with you, nullifying and merit your post holds. Lul. CS Source. xD
Best CS Team Ever
Said nobody, ever. Joke.
MM rank is a joke
He didn't mention cheating once in that entire statement... I too, have only faced a literal handful of blatant cheaters in my years of play (roughly 1,300 hrs). He said pre-teaming and smurfing are...
Team Loyalty?
And orgs like C9 are known to rebuild (as they have). They literally had 1 player from their dominant 2015 lineup left when they won the major. Cycled out plenty of players and had continued success f...
Most iconic player from your country????
ALEX, now.
Most iconic player from your country????
shroud is Canadian...
Most iconic player from your country????
Agreed. Definitely shroud. ShaGuar (1.6/Source) would be a close follow up.
Best player in your country
Best CS Team Ever
Source!? Joke. LOOL. /thread
Team Loyalty?
Having several teams to bandwagon hop is always nice. I think what 80% of liquid fans mean is: “Fan of Liquid since cs_summit 2 and their continued success henceforth.”
Why is it that Coldzera
You’re a wetawd. There’s one I think everyone can agree with. Learn proper English.
I remember replying to this guy in a previous thread. He gave no sources besides his own biased anger. It's okay, you guys have BIG... xD Founded as an NA squad in 2015, tops the world in 2019, all E...
Team Loyalty?
Lol, I love how you say C9 fan until they win a major, then switch to the next best NA team. xD Real support is not giving up on your team through their rough patches. Liquid had several. That's what...