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TeamOne vs Luminosity
Luminosity needs to drop this fucking BR roster and return to NA... These kids can't qualify for shit... A newbie upstart BR squad is showing these kids up and mibr. Sad. Figment of their past as 2017...
c9 fix
Do you even watch CSGO? 3 awpers to one team... - Nifty - JDM + TenZ + Hiko
c9 fix
WARDELL to C9 (this org can afford a buyout from Ghost) Keep autimatic Apply daps TenZ in Hiko's back Back to a mixed NA team. Easy. Good balance of experienced players and young aces.
best year of csgo?
2015, imo.
Knifes increase skill
Karambit Lore FN = turns your AWP into Legolas' Bow. Make it happen @csgo_dev
Fix C9
Steel (if as in Canadian Steel), lol. Yeah, if they never want another Major opportunity. Dumb selection. Now let's -shroud and -skadoodle as neither plays CS anymore, and you're left with 2 players....
Liquid x Astralis
Plus One
Vitality vs Liquid
Liquid 10-0 ENCE, confirmed. cs_assault, cs_militia, and scoutzNknives (zero gravity) were the wildcard maps.
I would love Cbble back... But, they need to fix it up again. The CT wagon / CT mid vision is incredibly imba atm (at least in all matches I abuse it in). Not sure how effective it would be in pro pla...
Ep 6
Tyrion, court jester
Ep 6
The Season 8 Alternative Season ends with Euron on the throne and Bronn as his Hand.
Explain your nick.
Patrick Swayze is a legend.
But instead of laughing at him for doing so he says he seems conceited? When deltas believe they are conceited, it’s laughable. I find hilarity over the question. What possible response was he expecti...
That guy is conceited? About what... Seriously.
Faceit Negative Behavior
If you go 0-0-15 on FACEIT, Mythic won't fix your inability to be effective at an FPS game, unfortunately. That's the problem. I'm sure the OP didn't go into the match with bad blood with these guys. ...