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name checks out
-dupreeh -xyp9x +valde +k0nfig
Stewie Benched
kick stewie, bring back s1mple.
FaZe best posible roster
I remember the reason why tarik and stewie didnt work out in mibr was because of the communication issues and that's why they went back to being a full brazilian team. Hence, I highly doubt coldzera ...
FaZe best posible roster
It should be : Xizt Olof rain NiKo coldzera
FaZe best posible roster
Honestly, I thought Zeus/shox will be heading to faze.. But seems like Zeus has confirm his retirement and shox is heading to vitality. So they are left with coldzera/NBK. The team lacks a good leader...
fnatic, NiP
f0rest and olof will be a better hybrid player compared to JW
fnatic, NiP
KRiMZ f0rest flusha Brollan olofmeister Pronax (coach) The only way to save the swedish scene right now.
New FaZe fix as Xizt left FNATIC
Dude, Do you even watch csgo? If you watch enough csgo, you should be able to see that coldzera is an anchor. He's a much better player when he's holding. Compared to Niko, with his intelligence and ...
New FaZe fix as Xizt left FNATIC
Best FaZe Fix: Fallen (Igl + replace GuardiaN for main awp) coldzera (Fragger) Niko (Fragger + 2nd awp) Olof (Support) rain (Entry Fragger)
name one national hero
Sang Nila Utama - If you know who he is.
Old lineups you miss?
VERYGAMES - shoxie - Ex6TenZ - SmithZz - NBK - ScreaM NIP - Fifflaren - friberg - GeT_RiGhT - f0rest - Xizt Astana Dragons - ANGE1 - Edward - markeloff - AdreN - Dosia Fnatic - flusha - JW - pronax...
Faze WTF
Just pick up fallen and cold... FaZe will dominate the cs scene for a few years with that lineup
Rez Krimz Flusha Olof Forest The only way to save the swedish scene..
Astralis Era Poll
Magisk. He can be easily replace by KJAERBYE, aizy, valde. And also the fact that dupreeh, device and Xyp9x have incredible chemistry, being together for so many years.