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Stewie2k's B-site
He was the reason they won D2 in IBP
Stewie2k's B-site
Faze 3-0?
Xyp9x number 13# is a joke
Xantares is #1 if we focus on stats alone
2 NA teams in top 5
About this time last year everyone was laughing at C9 again, I doubt it Will change With Liquid
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I am aware, I'm not saying that the danes stand a chance against a real army, but seing as the Scandinavian armies are all super small, then the fact that the danish soldiers are better might mean the...
iBP worst event ever
lol, they aren't ready to play, seeing as they have two new players + coach I also think this is an invite event, and they weren't invited
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lol not, just think it is funny that every american person here has put the USA flag at #1. Objective opinions 101
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The two I have seen where german, sorry no english, and it was at school and I dont have access to them anymore (just checked), sorry
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I know there are fucking stars, but they dont look good. it is just some American guy who is too proud of a country going to shit, the flag is not that good looking. freaking patriots
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Lol not, sas as an org. is better than the danish "frømandskorps" but as far as individual soldier the danes out shine them by far, besides I think Spetnaz is higher quality soldiers than sas aswell
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Square and stripes... Not an arguement god dammit
see what you did there
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Finland had a great defense in WW2 but dont know about now, nor their offense. Besides, the DK special forces are top 2 in the world and thats a fact not my opinion Edit: also their regular soldier i...
Clearly they were meant to come back in