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Biggus Dickus
The story is that the actors were not shown a script. They had no idea what they were going into other than they were to be centurian guards for Ceasar and to not laugh under any circumstances. The ru...
What a silver bait. Better luck next time
BlameF best mentality
COL is the best international team in the world atm The only teams that are better than COL are all teams with only one nationality present (maybe Vitality, maybe Astralis, NaVi, maybe Herooic and so...
OMFG s1mple
Your hobbies!
Thats a very self-centered and ignorant point of view. "You will also be much happier as a person" You generalize everyone by your own living standards. If you enjoy many hobbies thats good for you ma...
Your hobbies!
I highly doubt that there are any "unique" hobbies
Your hobbies!
Says who? Is there a law that tells you that you need at least 3-5 hobbies to be happy? If you are happy with only one hobby, why get more?
C9 major fluke
I think it was good for the NA scene, but I also think that Faze deserved that Major. Guardian should have won a major, peek Karrigan deserved a major, peek Rain deserved a major and Olof deserved a r...
It's not weird to have some maps where you are better with AWP than others. Dust 2 is in all regards the easiest map to AWP on. It's like Magisk, who is the secondary AWPer on Train but it's Dupreeh o...
I think this one is up in the air. I think there are a few teams that could take it. NaVi, Astralis, Vitality and G2 could all take this trophy
"We all know is a competent team and will win more tournaments this year, but for now, NiP is on their way to winning Cologne" This have to be a bait, right?
Hardest languages?
Mandarin is really not that difficult. There is next to no grammar and the only thing you need to learn are the symbols. I think something like Finnish can be really difficult because it has so many d...