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Sharks vs 5POWER
Man 1. The picked best sharks map 2. They won knifes and picked CT side 3. They insta lose 1st pistol round (cuz it's fckng ct side to cache and it's happening here like 99% times) 4. They lost ever...
3DMAX vs
aahahah wp frogs nice -5.5 choke cocksuckers
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
anyway -4.5 hdc throw from 14-8 and 5vs4 situation wp hohols
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
Flamie Manager 2018 is awful... God bless Electronic
Old Guys Club vs Hysteria
lol nice +7.5 hdc on the team vs run and fun. Crazy odds
Nexus vs Knock Out
Niiiceeee i get 6.5 odds on KO ez moneeeyyyy
Nexus vs Knock Out
nice odds lol
MAD Lions vs Sprout
ok now i see how siesta dogs win 11-4 on t side it's not so hard while your coach can easily streamsnipe where is your opponents are
Nemiga vs x6tence Galaxy
Bulbash > Absolut ez for Lukashenko
LDLC vs forZe
ty for throw forze 5vs3 (no armor deagle + glock + deagle) aagaagagagahahahahaha
MAD Lions vs Sprout
wp sprout ahahah rekt ldlc and Alt Attax on nuke and now lose to random spanish cunts
Lin4evateli vs Bring Me The Horizon
Yeah from top deathcore album in 2006 to shit for 12yo kids then to ukrainian cs go team. What a regress for BMTH (
TYLOO vs Heroic
danish choke like always 100% whats wrong with their mental? why danes always throw after getting 13-14 rounds to over 26.5 or lose whole map
Lin4evateli vs Bring Me The Horizon
ez for Oliver Sykes aka stupid dog
Nordavind vs Momentum.air
nice map pick zero iq dogs. Cannot -5.5 team who sucked on nuke vs Sorby academy ahahahah after beating them 16-7 on their pick gj sluts time to go die