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190 IQ
such high IQ, working for mcdonalds for $10 an hour
AUG terrible RNG nerf
yeah kinda. i use it time to time (mostly by picking up), but i never liked the gun. so i'm not the best example, but for me the nerf doesnt seem to highly impact the weapon choice. but we will see h...
AUG terrible RNG nerf
played a bit today and imo this nerf won't change the weapon usage for those who used it before. still better. but i play with silenced m4 so idc
+18 Rate
i have the same ones somewhere. good shit men)))
oh sorry. he is still alive, played he got killed to avoid being locked up for life. prob in bali or hawaii chilling on the beach in incognito. better now? :'D
he is dead. almost a year ago
Dutch police wtf
yeah i was waiting for him to beat the shit outta them with that stick. but at least he smacked the shouting little bitch recording at the end.
zywoo is igl??
he is the IGL: Zywoo: Zywoo go kill Zywoo: okay. *Zywoo kills everyone and wins the round* Zywoo = Vitality. Vitality = Zywoo.
they dont care men :(
was joking tho. would be good to have smaller ones, so you can drink all of it ice cold :)
dying? maybe doesnt doing that good but they put back incredible amount of money, so the game wont die. $100M just for this year. csgo cant even get close to that
he has pretty good viewer number, so if he keeps playing fortine he can get a support-a-creator code. that would mean he will earn more money from sac code than he earns from cs. and he can keep play...
EU open quals!
You are a good man volanchick. Thank you.
tfue scandal
i expected hate and people calling me an idiot. nice that others see this situation like it is. he can end FaZe by stealing fans or end FaZe financially in court, but I think he just wants out and not...