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FNX easier job on earth
No FNX No MAJOR... MiBR simply have to pay him if they want to win FNX will win his 4th Major without even playing. FNX is the boss of the Brazilian CS Scene
girl worships forest
If a girl worship forest, someone does a post on HLTV If a girl worship FNX, it's just business as usual NO FNX NO MAJOR.... wait... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak7UTPff7Ps FNX never lost a Majo...
FNX NO FNX NO MAJOR.... wait... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak7UTPff7Ps FNX never lost a Major MiBR will win the next Major
MiBR 0 majors
well, Cloud9 has changed some players, the logo and the sponsors. Cloud9 0 majors? doesn't make any sense...
MiBR 0 majors
The last time that I checked, Man Utd won several trophies with completely different teams, which is pretty logical because a professional football player usually plays for ~10 years and Man Utd has d...
MiBR 0 majors
Legally, it's not the same. However, Man Utd, for example, kept the trophies when it was sold to the american investors. Same for Chelsea, Lecester...
MiBR 0 majors
I think that MiBr won a major in a previous iteration of CS. A team with FNX, obviously.
MIBR LOST $ 500.000
Astralis salary?
fox > device I think that you are right, they earn the same. However, Astralis is owned by the players, they are the org. The 15% of stickers is probably used to pay the mind and fitness coaches.
I read that too! It was a portuguese kid called prd1_, but even the others were calling him crazy. Actually he said more than that. He said that Fox was waaay better than s1mple and coldzera. Meanwh...
Kcerato $ > Tarik , taco
You are right. Actually tier 2 and tier 1 players are quite close nowadays. Even tier 1 players are very close among themselves. However, Astralis always wins, liquid is always second, and Furia never...
TACO deserves more than ALL MIBR
Taco only plays in top 3 teams!
s1mple 0 majors
Fnx won 3 majors, not 2. He won 1 major with the previous iteration of MiBr. Fnx is the only player in the world that won every major that he played. Legend.
He is the only Brazilian that plays for a top 3 team. Actually, I believe that he is the Brazilian that has played longer for teams in the top 3. Is Taco the best Brazilian to touch the game? Accordi...