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i think they actually need a major win and 2-4 more tournaments after which is unlikely. They won't have an era
FaZe Respect
Yeah exactly Dust 2 is clearly their best map and they went for nuke in the final, wth is that. They are looking great on nuke not going to lie, but liquid are looking great on it too.
Simplest map to hardest map
yeah exactly, that map is strange.. Sometimes its too ct sided , sometimes too t sided. Depends on enemy playstyles. Hate it. Permabann for me
Simplest map to hardest map
for me it is dust2 xD. I really like nuke
Simplest map to hardest map
yeah imagine a t side where the cts convert the first 2 gun rounds, their economy is off the charts
Simplest map to hardest map
nah man, mirage and over are simple. And ofc u die from behind if no one holds conn(mirage). Its a simple map. Same as cache which is not in the map pool anymore so we dont count that. Train is hard a...
FaZe coldzera
He plays for himself as igl, true, but that doesnt mean he is bad when he doesnt igl. Just watch every match before they kicked karrigan. Niko was allways 1st or second. But guardian played really goo...
FaZe coldzera
Putting the 4th ( i still think he is better than elige and zywoo) best player in the world entry doesnt work well. I saw that watching them. Niko has a better chance at clutching than rain, and rain...
how is that a requirement, braindead
s1mple is so fake
nah, he is talking about the recent twitter beef between s1mple and vitality started by s1mple on the prac server. S1mple is not as toxic as he used to be, he seems to be a great guy, but somehow whe...
oh, but your believe what s1mple said without proof, lol. U dont know the full story, i bet u haven't read all the tweets. Look carefully and u ll understand.. S1mple totally played the victim card on...
HLTV Top 20 (SO FAR!)
Eh maybe he should be in the place of krimz now if i think again, but not any higher
HLTV Top 20 (SO FAR!)
1. s1mple, ofc 2. Zywoo 3. Niko ( niko is clearly a bit better than zywoo, but niko won blast which is worse than ECS ) 4. dev1ce ( overrated, but the most impactfull in astralis ) 5. NAF 6. Magisk 7....
HLTV Top 20 (SO FAR!)
bucharest, nice reply tho, 50 iq
HLTV Top 20 (SO FAR!)
good? he didnt do shit this year. Watch cs before u comment bro. Watch some demos and then u talk, jesus christ. Dont just fucking watch highlights and call it the day