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fixing top 50 teams
kio does not seems to fit with the c9 guys and flusha is not coming back anytime soon. Why dont u think that koosta and Wardell would fit the team?
fixing top 50 teams
Stanislaw (igl) Autimatic (rifle) rush (bot) koosta (rifler/2nd awp) Wardell (AWP)
North vs Heroic
I will come back to u in a few months when Heroic has achieved much more than now
North vs Heroic
Mertz too inconsistent and Nato is more than awp flicks
North vs Heroic
Tell me, what did north do with Mertz ?
Scandinavian superteam
Karrigan krimz Rain device flusha
Thank you, Astralis!
Delusional fanboy. I was commenting on the fact that he meant that there was higher quality because of Astralis was not attending which is false. But u are right, Liquid top 1 soon :)
Thank you, Astralis!
> high quality > no Astralis Choose one, but you are true with more entertaining games though.
MVP award winners in 2019 so far :
I agree with the Blast Pro being a joke as a whole, but if u are true about it being a non-competitive why is it Cloud9 or NIP have not won the tournament yet? Its always the best teams in the finals....
MVP award winners in 2019 so far :
Stupid logic. By your logic Astralis could just skip all events and magisk top 1 2019 confirmed? :) Starseries and IEM Sydney definetly counts and Blast (Cuz all the tier 1 teams are there) counts a l...
best aug player
probably S1mple but he never uses it :D
If Liquid lose.
> Real alpha male > bullied by toxic k0nfig and cajunb in optic Choose one.
its more the oppisite, EliGe is the consistent one and always have huge impact and NAF is on and off but when he is on he is one of the best in the world, just like twistzz.
Liquid Fix
"Nifty has more experience and skill than Nitr0"- i dont think i have ever seen a worser bait than this one...
I create best teams for each country