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cringiest youtuber?
Jaystation... talentless retard that pretended his house got broken into for views, makes fake videos about summoning demons and shit.
Renegades worst "top" team?
They are good just saving strats for major. Just wait.
NRG vs Renegades
NRG 16-14 RNG
ReneGays overrated
Ah yes coz when they lost to them in the major that was just a shitty tournament too right? Seems like you're really insecure about this eh?
MIBR vs Renegades
Yeah it's complete bs. #8 and #10 in the same group when everyone in group b is sub 30.
MIBR vs Renegades
Honestly the game was rigged from the start. Mibr and Renegades shouldn't have even been in the same group but Clown 9 paid off ESL. Both of these teams deserve to make it more than them.
Clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantJollyGorillaUncleNox
I'm done arguing with you. You are an incredibly biased clown or a troll.
I don't think you understand how jet lag works you idiot. Maybe during the first day you could say jet lag but it's not going to work after that. Not to mention the major was an event that ran over mu...
How the fuck is it a fluke dumbass? They played great in the major and seem to be doing the same at starseries thus far.
Witcher 3 more overrated than dev2ce
It's barely even an RPG and they dumbed down the dialogue system. Also the quests kinda sucked too.
ENCE most annoying Org in CS
Their team is full of children who are barely old enough to play cs yet are apparently already the best players in the world despite having no significant victories yet.
ENCE most annoying Org in CS
Maybe don't be so arrogant
ENCE most annoying Org in CS
Agreed the ENCE fanchildren spamming their shitty meme everywhere are the worst. They are so arrogant and give their meme team so much undeserved praise/fame.
And this is renegades fault why?