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Emilia hult
New C9?
I somewhat agree, i just think he's incredibly skilful and if some1 could provide the right guidance and get him motivated then it could turn out amazingly well
New C9?
Do you really think Swole will be back? I just dont see which players they would go for.
New C9?
How about signing s0m? They kinda did the same thing with stewie back in the days and that turned out to be a great signing
Why gays are gays?
"girls are attractive in general and it's okay if they want to be together", said no well educated person ever. I get what you're saying and i actually agree with you to some extend. But you need to u...
Danish people
Not accurate at all. I didn't understand anything that was said in the video. Off course we have different dialects but i dont think it's a bigger problem (is it really a problem?) than in other count...
who can beat astralis
Lets give this mibr line-up some time and i honestly believe that they will be able to beat Astralis.
GLA1VE cheating thread deleted
cant believe people are actually falling for this stupid bait
Katowice sickness
Stewie2k most underrated
If you really believe that stewie is underrated (I agree), then please present some better arguments, saying he’s better than simple just makes it seem like a stupid bait
Astralis hater's club
If you're a fan of well-played cs i dont see why people can hate astralis, besided the fact that everyone's favorite team loses to them. I just hope that teams like mibr, liquid, faze and navi will pu...
Cromen WTF ?
completely agree, really hope mousesports pick him up
Brazil hate
some of them are easily triggered on hltv, but that doesnt really make me hate them. I only have good things to say about brazilians, based on my travels around the world
Astralis major run so far
Sure man, you should put simple, device, naf, krimz, autimatic, electronic on the list as well