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Overwatch 2
I will even though it doesn't seem to deserve being called "2".
Stuck at 17 pullups
What exactly are you training? What are your results? Do you compete?
Stuck at 17 pullups
I think that's impossible, I'm past my peak time :/. I can't do more than 6 pull-ups right now because my elbow hurts.
Stuck at 17 pullups
I've never reached 17 despite being close around 15, don't remember exactly. I would suggest the opposite than the others. Increasing weight will rather make you stronger but for max rep you need endu...
Nice man, + for you for being honest :). You will find another one :).
Then why is she ex-?
I am disappointed. I expected astrophysics thread...
Pick ass 18+
If you guys react to those piggy asses this will blow up your dicks:
the SG has no weakness
Why? Is there technical obstacle? Even if it's not possible right now devs could work around it.
the SG has no weakness
Lower fire rate at scope is actually pretty good idea for both Aug and SG.
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
Still better score on overpass than Arcy vs North :)
Got scammed/robbed on Steam and no idea how it happened...
Did you log in to steam account anywhere else? I mean if there is some PC or device with you logged in someone can buy things from there but he can't sell without steam guard.
It's best match when her tits are on your head level, r8?
Is weed most overrated drug?
It's a plus that it's short because you can recover faster if you need and smoke another one if you want to continue being high. I don't see a problem with it. If you get paranoid and shit then probab...
big nose -> big dick