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Coldzera made Device cry
I got to ask, why is Device so disliked? Some of the Astralis players are cocky, but Device is not one of them?
Need some games!!
I strongly disagree with Goingsomewhere. In my opinion Odyssey is hands down the best game they ever made. My first point of loving it is because you play a character in old Greece and I love their my...
Need some games!!
I think you should try out Assassin's creed, Odyssey.
s1mple vs ZywOo thread
I can't say I like Liquid at all, since I am an Astralis fans. BUT DANG, Elige, Twistzz and NAF goes off to another level sometimes. I literally hate Elige cause of his ability with the Krieg and Aug,...
swedes come here
I got a headache from the first sentences. Dang this is not even fun to listen to, even if he is trolling or not..
I think it was 2015, I ain't sure on that, so do not quote me if I am wrong. There was some mass immigration when Syria etc had problem. We took in over 80k people if I remember it correctly.
yes, as you can see on the tweet he says it's 100 bombings per year, it has been 4 reported. Stop talking bullshit. It's a problem, I acknowledge it, but you guys make it sound like it is war world 3.
I am only denying "facts" without reliable source. Seems like you really have no idea either, 100 bombings? How big is a bombing? The reports, there may be more and there may be less than that, some m...
Source: Dude trust me? This is ridiculous without any proof.
Is punk/punkpop and variations dead ?
If you like them, I'd sugest Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. Similar music, just as good. Try it out!
Is punk/punkpop and variations dead ?
I listen to quite the same music, but I would not actually call it anywhere close to punk. It's more of a rock/rap, but you should try out Thousand Foot Krutch, Volbeat and possibly Papa Roach if you ...
Swedish Right Wingers
This is spot on, hence the immigration is a problem for us now. If we would take care of the refugees as it to be intended, we would not have the problem we're now facing..
dupreeh middle finger
I actually quite disagree. Tilting does not necessary mean you're weak minded. I turn it to my advantage in sports (not always in cs, but in football) and I get pumped because of the tilt.
dupreeh middle finger
It could either be towards a Furia player he might hate. It could also be towards the game, you know, something happened, bugged or some missed shots. Hard to tell!
s1mple > device
You do not listen, right? I am focusing on individual skills, nothing else. I do not care in this regard what's most important. It's the same in all sports, Messi and Ronaldo are gods in football, but...