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best IGLs in the world?
forgot abt them haha sorry
best IGLs in the world?
Gla1ve Zeus FalleN nitr0 Karrigan BlameF Aleksib Xizt Stanislaw MSL Ex6TenZ Happy ALEX Nexa
sdy to VP
I agree, when I said s1mple having freedom, I don't mean like rendering igl useless. I mean having freedom on the map going around getting picks. S1mple should have little say in tactics. That's up to...
Pros cheating
I mean, nobody bothered to study Avangar and their playstyle before the major, because they were pretty trash. After they reached grand finals, they were obviously a target to scout and watch and to '...
sdy to VP
I'm pretty sure Booml4 wants S1mple to be as free as possible. His skill level is so high, going around freely and roaming to get picks is what I think is the whole point of Booml4 allowing that. But ...
newfag spotted 👀
I’ll guess your mm rank
17 1200 Inferno ak47 woxic
edpi is just a value to represent the overall in game sensitivity calculated using mouse dpi × in game sens so if my dpi is 2000 and in game sens is 1.4 then my game will be operating at a sensitivty...
your dpi + sens
2000 dpi 1.4 ig sens 1.3 zoom sens
Why I like mousesports
Right, you can see and feel the passion they have for the game. It's insane and respectable :D
LOL account mens
Imagine coming to a csgo forum and hoping someone would lend you an account of another game. omegalul
Best fast food
canned pickles
Roster changes that will happen sooner or later
Im sorry, call me retarded or anything but... I really don't see any of these happening xD