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Your salary in USD
Denmark Storage admin at University $3600/month after taxes It is actually a bit low for my job.
Complexity vs MIBR
Game seems pretty unreal, could they do it i wonder ^.-
ENCE vs FaZe
rofl, that's so true
cringest name in pro scene
Agreed, should have just been Saphix
low click noise gaming mouse
Right now I am using a Asus Gladiator2, I really like Asus stuff they do it well. Only reason is really that Logitech, for some stupid reason stopped making my favorite mouse (G500) then I got a G500s...
low click noise gaming mouse
I had this problem once, when I lived with a woman who for some reason got really annoyed when I played games due to the clicking sound. I investigated it a lot back then, and my conclusion was that t...
Any time any player on any team is low in K/D someone yells to change him for XYZ, how stupid can anyone be, no one has god like performance all days, not even s1mple. Afaik Karrigan was playing real...
mousesports Tier 1 ?
The most important thing here is that I think we can all agree that they have the potential! Obviously they have not participated in much yet as the current rooster, so let us see where they are at af...
Ambush vs Izako Boars
so far: Dust 2 Ambush 16-10 Izako Boars :D
Astralis vs HellRaisers
They would refine their strategy for the next game and win of course :)
mousesports vs ex-Space Soldiers
It was really great to see what we can only hope will happen out of experimenting with setups. Great CS, and just a nice start for this new rooster, to bad for the ex- they were on the receiving end ;...
mousesports vs ex-Space Soldiers
Cool, looking forward to see some games from them; now it starts :) Good luck mouz
why is weed illegal?
I can confirm this! I have smoked weed and the like for shit, about 30 years (am 46 now), and have a good job and 3 kids, and are doing just fine. The biggest drawback and where the health issues prob...