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firefox malware?
Try disabling all your extentions/addons, and enable one at at time to see if one of those could be the problem. Firefox is the safest browser there is, and are not the main problem here.. you somehow...
NiP vs Vitality
Oh man, you lads are really using bad language, be nice mens! Real cool it went to a third map i'd say, both teams have been doing better recently, not sure who could win but I recon it could be eithe...
BLAST rigged 100% + proof
Sad you wasted all this time speculating about this, I guess everyone needs something to do.
Astralis vs NiP
I think that instead of fighting on half power like this, Ast should instead just have given the whole team some months leave from the game all together. I think that would have been smarter really. O...
Your 1st pc
In regards to your last comment, there is a point hehe. To be honest, after owning a cybercafe for 17 years, we started in '97, I was so tired of CS as that was our main game (most played) since it hi...
Your 1st pc
Unfortunately I did not have any of the 80's consoles, I had to play at my friends. Did not try the controller you linked actually, sounds fun ;) I do recall my friend who had one of the early commod...
Your 1st pc
"Kinda surreal to think these days, how 33Mhz would even change anything :)" Well, the thing is that 33Mhz would be 33% more power over a 100Mhz, so that is a lot still. Also the chipsets of old was i...
Your 1st pc
A little better than mine, that was a DX40, with 16mb ram, 120MB HD, and a DUAL speed cd-rom drive!!! I could play some stuff on it, but really do not recall what besides wolfenstein and "pools of da...
To be honest, he only make himself look like a jerk!
ONLY smart lads with high iq(70+) allowed
One of the best Sci-fi writers I have known are Iam M. Banks (he died like 13 years ago :( ). Read he's book called "Excession" best book and the universe is so incredible (the Culture). I have read a...
Well surely someone cheats, but not in pro cs. Also why would someone risk their career? I mean Valve is very condemning with cheaters, so it would mean an end to your life in cs if you did and it got...
How stupid, none cheats in pro cs (or in the years I followed it, no one has), get used to it. He has always aimed like that, nothing new here. Damn you lads like conspiracy theories too?
Respect Astralis
Indeed +1
Respect Astralis
I agree, but in the time I have followed them most other teams have moved up toward their level. I think the time for utter dominance is over really, it will be harder to be as good compared to others...