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NiP vs Vega Squadron
oh god vega's agression plays are just punished so hard, such a crucial round and just random peeks
Unicorns of Love vs 3DMAX
that's alot of bs, they have great players just cause they didn't take a game serious doesn't mean there shit.
Unicorns of Love vs 3DMAX
NoChance vs x6tence Galaxy
very smart bet lmao, its not like nochance is a mix with no strats .
AVANGAR vs Windigo
I can talk as i know what i'm talking about ;)
AVANGAR vs Windigo
you guys do realise windigo is a team as good as avangar, just cuz they lost some matches against random teams that they shouldn't have lost, doesn't change the fact they are a really good team.
Possible Upset Major Winners
I'm pretty certain avangar players could go toe to toe with every top player atm they only choke late game and lose stupid rounds.
Possible Upset Major Winners
I don't believe that i can already say 5 teams that would be a bigger upset but a more likely one: ence, avangar, g2,nrg and vitality
x6tence Galaxy vs Windigo
Looks like it but windigo sucks vs pistols they have proven that at the minor
SuperJymy vs DreamEaters
cause they lose a 1vs3 so the reason is that they can't lose rounds 1vsX ?? this is cs lol plays do happend
SuperJymy vs DreamEaters
you still didn't give me the reason why ?
SuperJymy vs DreamEaters
why lol, can you predict the future?
FURIA vs Spirit
Ez kscerato
LDLC vs x6tence Galaxy
Nice assumption while all ldlc players have a 3k elo average on faceit
Envy vs INTZ
Damn intz ct side kinda sucks