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Is the deagle broken?
> only balanced pistol is over powered
Two best teams (hypothetical) in one server?
Edward is god tier top 2 support in world, just behind xyp, he has good frag for support, decent nade usage and works well with navi, its zeus poor mechanics, flamie inconsistentcy why navi isnt top 1...
Top 20 players 2018: 16th
3 best raw aimers of all time (csgo only)
maybe now but flusha when relevent entried on fnatic forgot coldzera in top3 riflers and fallen probs top3 awpers lul soz brazil
3 best raw aimers of all time (csgo only)
this is biased as fuck to hybrids so ill consider those best at aiming with respect to their role, i.e awping/riflers/hybrids etc, in no particular order: top3 riflers: S1mple, Niko, shox top3 awpers...
Predictions for 2019 and later
- Astralis hit some kind of slump (year+ pure dominance is unseen before) -Faze disbands/sells off star players - BIG makes top4 at katowice -Navi finally wins major -Zeus does not retire - -edward +...
Minor predicition
North are in ass form Ence and mouz direct qualify vitality wins playoff
s1mple future teams
Theres no better prospects for him outside of Navi atm realistically Faze are barely T1 Astralis doesnt need any changes MIBR is going full brazilian, so unless s1mple learns portugese overnight nah L...
Tarik is too high quality to join space
real top 20 2k18
pretty good i rate 8/10
when ScreaM
when ScreaM
nty 0.7 2.0 rating failed streamer who struggles at t30 csgo on t1 team fuck off reddit
Toggle When Needed vs can't believe she took the kids
Ez for toggle when needed, she took the kids cant compete with toggle's superior aim assist