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Unique vs OFFSET
Maybe stop betting?
forZe vs Aristocracy
It never ends. Just stop betting. Do yourself a favor.
Heroic vs CR4ZY
Seems legit
FURIA vs Vitality
So by your logic, a top team will never have a bad game? Like can't lose against lower tier game? Nice.
Astralis vs NiP
Oh ok
[18+] Something personal
I'm afraid it might too, but I rather want to put this aside, not as in totally forgetting about it, cause you definitely can't. And confronting about something like this will never be easy. So I'll p...
[18+] Something personal
Yes, I might be wrong. I know this is very messy and no one offline knows about any of these. Also, as you said, there is no guarantee that she will not do the same with another kids. Whether she is o...
[18+] Something personal
I don't think that she got any issue with attraction, speaking of present days. She is nice with kids and the elders. Always treat the kids whenever she have extra money. Basically she's a kind person...
[18+] Something personal
I had sex with my aunt for multiple times. I really did not understand what I was doing at that time. I was like 10 or 11. Basically she will take my hand into her pants before she starts, when I was ...
FrenchFrogs vs Nemiga
Ain't always easy being a king
ex-Athletico vs Grayhound
Feels bad for Chelleos, always fragging never got far. He deserves more
AVANT vs Grayhound
Those who loses always blame matchfixing
No chance at all. Don't waste it
MVP PK vs Mazaalai
There is still time to cancel the bet
Ignis vs Absolute
Yeah I was shocked too haha, for just a brief moment there