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flusha overrated
He has the respect for giving his money prize to fallen and company so they can attend the event they had the invitation but no cash. Legend player, good heart.
true da true
Coldzera made Device cry
Just a small mistake. Stew convinced cold to stay, not Tarik. He said that both até good players, but att one point he wanted to bring taco back and keep stew
Yeap... I don't care either... And also: i don't care that you don't care that i don't care.
That makes much more sense for me too. And I also think that the public here will follow it and bump the audience.
As an MiBR fan I agree with North, not optic. Probably MiBR catch more attention, from fans and haters, so the audience is bigger with them. Today their game put more than 50000 people watching, ev...
Pro Player Real Names
haahah nice brow 8/8
Pro Player Real Names
Elige Taco Naf
Racists have high IQ
Whoa... the level of retard comments got really high here. You probably a kid, regardless your age, who never suffered any social disadvantage in life. Good luck in your life brow.... it seems that ...
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Thanks! For you too!
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NP. When I was 14 I had a lot of chill time with friends but zero confidence with women. With time I built some confidence. What I discovered is that people in general feel good beside someone confide...
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As an 40 year old guy I can tell you this: what is the most important is the confidence, not looks. You will be average for some, 10/10 for others, 0/10 for someone. Please, don't worry about this rig...
Astralis vs MIBR
Almost. 16x2 we won.... Sorry to disappoint you haters
I think they will not pass MiBR, but it will not be a surprise if they do. Astralis is a different story. I think the Final will be Astralis X Liquid -> liquid wins. Liquid is stronger with Stewie t...
BIG 0-3
And the history stays: MIBR never won against BIG!