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uhauhauha Nice thread even for me that was hoping to see MiBR better.
Please, just stop fanboyism / racism on hltv
I see a bunch of kids that now nothing about the world calling names and saying a lot of bad things about millions of people in a foreign country. It seems that hltv forums are 90% of spoiled kids w...
[POLL] Valorant
played, still playing.. nice game, but a little repetitive i Think. I mean, I can play 5 mirages in a row, but can't play 5 split in a row. What is nice: played some game where people where making...
4 clips that are strange to me: 1 - inferno on FER - that is not natural at all. The way the aim moves is robotic, the wrong pixel and goes exactly in the head of a guy far way from the bomb. 2 - Ov...
That is 100% true. The fact is: this kid has way more clips in 2 MD3 than expected. Every player has 2 or 3 suspect clips on his career, what makes you think that these things happen (someone legit wi...
Nice to see #123 beat #21.. a lot of mistakes from both sides...
Top 3 Riflers In Your Country
+1 For me cold 1, kaike 2 and Fer 3 but Nice pick.
help noob coder
The fella is probably starting on coding. I've seen teachers doing this: First the worst way to solve a problem and then a better/proper way... This way the teacher can compare and explain why some co...
Most subscribed youtuber from your country?
Felipe Neto in Brazil 33000000 followers
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
I don't know if you are saying that brown eyes can be used to compliment girls but here in BR usually saying that a girl is carioca is the same that saying that she is a slut. Usually people from ou...
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
24 is the deer number on an illegal lottery (the animal lottery) held here. Deer is a slang for gay (like fag). The illegal lottery is very famous and almost anywhere have it, so the number was associ...
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
czech beer really good one!! UK beer I only know guinness and it is overrated af. But I really like that white couch that some videos feature. Nice videos.
be honest 18+
male(I guess) 181cm (almost sure)
I guess your age
Not close. 40 here. Nu anyway
I guess your age
bread with ham and cheese aug 30 8 s1mple forest gump have 2 sons