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cheating in pro play
Do you have any actual proof he ever cheated on lan?
cheating in pro play
Big difference in pro play, and lan. Definetly possible to cheat on vac servers. Almost impossible to do on big lans.
TOP 10 Teams rn
Avangar is not even close to 2.
TOP 10 Teams rn
Avangar nr 2 xD
TOP 10 Teams rn
Liquid had been trash since july, so don't deserve top 3.
TOP 10 Teams rn
Jetlag is the worst excuse ever. Especially in china. All european and american teams had jetlag.
CS GO Messi, who?
Zywhoo barrelly good for a year. Not even close to Goat
r8 PC build
Share an unpopular opinion
That is just greece, plenty og countries in EU doing fine
Starseries so complicated
But they can still be in a situation where they loose 2 and are out, while the others lost 2 and win
Starseries so complicated
That bracket system is super flawed, renegades won all their matches so far but if they loose the next one, they are out, vitallity lost last 2 in a row, but is still in playoffs????????????? Wtf?
That doesn't make him NA. He got danish parents, and lived most of hos lige in Denmark
Es3tag? Aka Patrick Hansen? The Guy with the most danish name om the team? Try again.
EU not 1st world
So how much do the avarage consumer care about the processor in a phone? I mean it's great if you wanna play on your phone, but come on, who does that?
EU not 1st world
Tell med one thing where iPhones beat their competitors except the design. Okay maybe the OS might in some cases be better for some people, but i don't like the non costumizability of iOS. Okay the mi...