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R8 pickem
I'm afraid Avangar won't go through
Once a cheater, always a cheater
Well Dosia has also been banned, you said "once a cheater, always a cheater" and if dosia was cheating maybe gambit wouldn't be tier 7 and Dosia wouldn't have had ratings lower than 1 most of the year...
3/5 pickem come here
Already have ENCE, NRG, Renegades, NiP and 0-3 Grayhound. Now need TYLOO and C9 to win, then it will be perfect aside from the 3-0 (Fnatic, yikes)
hltv delusional
That means ENCE is not in top 2 OMEGALUL ENCE BAD AF
hltv delusional
God i hope c9 win this, i don't care about c9 really, but just don't want to see those 3736 threads about furia being tier 1 and the best 2 teams 2019 being mibr and furia :D
1-3, my bad ;)
BnTeT exposed
Aimlock is supposed to lock onto enemies who are alive, it's not an aimlock if he hears 2 people running in his direction and moves his mouse after getting 1 down :DD
Why are people overrating fnatic and c9?
Mibr and Na'vi can't, but i do agree they don't have the highest chances in the race for the top spot
aug and sg
Well it is kinda clear that after the major both scoped rifles will get a nerf/a higher price
pro m4a1-s
F0rest, Edward, Gob B, ScreaM, Ropz has been using it lately if i'm not mistaken.
sunny and ropz washed up?
I agree, i also think that the roles have kind of held him back lately, he's not comfortable in them
However ENCE hasn't even played alot of big tournaments yet, how can you know Sergej won't also melt under pressure?
QUEEN IS BACK <3 <3 <3
plays like these is why i get a low TrustFactor
Just a joke really, but thanks for understanding :D
plays like these is why i get a low TrustFactor
You have an anime profile pic, i'd report you too