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Karrigan Fanboys come
I feel like Karrigan is slowly following the path of Happy, was a great IGL, cannot adapt with time and will slowly get worse and worse
R8 my dinner
Looks okay, 5/7
Best AWPers of all time (best top)
chrisJ was never a top tier awper, the fact that he was secondary when playing with oskar was a proof that oskar was better
Best AWPers of all time (best top)
If, as in your post, you're taking into account Achievements, skill and consistency: 1. Device 4 times major winner, 5 times in top 5, his legacy is higher that his skill level but the latter is st...
Scouting Ramp?
Alex is so overrated.
what is going on with bymas ? the kid had like 5 good games and it's been only bottom fragging since
Even better, I have a notification unread but have read them all :)
hltv not that bad
of course you won't have success trying to prove that S1mple > Zywoo because it's false
valve smh!
Still, TF2 isn't a game that we can call an esport. There's no game developed by Valve that is more popular than CS. Of course it will die someday but we still have a few good years
welcome back!
honestly it was such a shitty meta. Absolutely no fun to watch
have you been watching the scene in the last 2 years ? It's like Happy, his style is not suited for the meta. Has has difficulties to adapt.
Karrigan went from S tier IGL to C tier IGL and that's a fact
device down
let's not forget that Astralis does not rely on a "star player". They are way more foccused on team play. He could have a shot at top 1 if Astralis changed they way of playing