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s1mple chose XANTARES
Even gob said on xantares’s stream “I have been teammate with niko but xantares way better player.” As a aim wise ofcourse.
s1mple chose XANTARES
This word ruining my brain haha language issues brother. But you know what I meant anyway
s1mple chose XANTARES
I don’t care about stats when he played with hard style or despe. Did you read my comment brother? We probably see at e league what is he gonna do.
s1mple chose XANTARES
Just be real bro. Xantares was hard cary for along time in ex-ss. They had a lot of issues like money,visa etc last year. I can’t see your point. This year gonna be huge for him. And remind me this th...
University of Houston vs Kennesaw State University
Shsu can easily win against these noobs
r8 turkish girl [+18]
Default human 5/10
Top 20 players 2018: The Final
1. Device 2. S1mple
Top 10 IGLs of all time
Happy and ex6tenz both overrated imo..
best streamer atm?
TecOne is the best imo
Most skilled players
For turkey we don’t have much players for international scene if there is then the players are the best for their roles. Like xantares for rifle, woxic for awp etc. we can add calyx,Paz,mini,imorr,sas...
why xantares left space soldiers
Bro how patient this guy is. He showed a lot of patience about ngin... What if they kicked him after the eleauge Boston 2018 probably this guy were still playing with them..
Do not underestimate BiG right now
Guys they have found new .org already wait for a 2 day they announce it with a 2 new player.
New Big CLAN 2019 with Xantares...
Your name?
Bugra “Baiter” Arkin