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BIG Invite unfair.
Except for delusional german big fans, FPX placed higher than BIG in ESL Pro League 13 and should've been invited for BIG who fuckedup thei...
BIG Invite unfair.
OG had a single chance, BIG had 2. If OG fk'd up in premier, and got invited, their invite would've been unfair too
BIG Invite unfair.
FPX is an example, they're contenders for top10-12 for a while, they just haven't played alot recently which decays their points in every ranking system
BIG Invite unfair.
It was a bo3, double elimination against teams they should clearly be better than. Apart from that, the point where you said BIG has long term consistency, FPX haven't been invited to any tournament l...
BIG Invite unfair.
exactly my point, the fact that they got 2 chances sucks. teams like FPX for example can't play for the same reason.
BIG Invite unfair.
I remember, the same happened when ence got their fame after being top2 at Katowice in 2019, they still had to play the MDL season to qualify, and they decided to skip the entire MDL process and pract...
BIG Invite unfair.
whatever it maybe, They lost to SINNERS after a map lead, and then lost to LDLC after a map lead too I remember they choked d2 from 10-5 up on ct side. imo, teams like FPX deserve a chance over BUG
Danish CSGO Leaks laugh thread
he got it before you did, right? and you don't know what goes behind the scenes of their signings, these are probably murmurs he gets from his sources. Astralis' contracts expire soon, it's upto th...
Danish CSGO Leaks laugh thread
eh, can't change the fact this was a dumb thread, the guy's providing rumours, not 100% sure news ofcourse, his fnc academy thing was 100% correct
floppy tarik 1junior RUSH +1
Danish CSGO Leaks laugh thread
and then people with Indian flair ask why do they get so much hate XDDD
why not -jks
technically gla1ve magisk dupreeh are free to sign any contracts, and will not be charged any fee if they join after their contract with astralis ends :D
FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy
vpp and 14-7 leads xaxaxaxa
Young Ninjas vs mouz NXT
yday mouz nxt got 2 rounds after 11 - 7 lead on ct nuke, today they get 11 rounds :D
help me pick.
personally, I'd recommend the gprox, have used multiple hyperx's, I like the gprox more. + Logitech has better after sales service