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Sinners vs Dignitas
If sinners don't pick inferno, they'll lose 0-2
Movistar Riders vs Dignitas
maps look good for either teams, I see a world where Movistar 2-0 this
Sinners vs Sprout
realistically speaking, Sprout should 2-1 here Sinners can only win Vertigo and Inferno Sprout has a significant advantage on all the other maps~
honestly, snow sweet snow gets predictable at times x) LootBet is amazing, impossible comebacks, teams winning their perma bans, etc :D
The best fixed league mens)) I was waiting for this league for a long time ))
mousesports vs SKADE
Skade ban Nuke Mouz ban Ovp Skade pick Inferno/Train Mouz pick Vertigo Skade ban Dust2 Mouz ban Mirage Deicder Inferno/Train 2-1 skade
Trident vs Anonymo
seized my man)) show how much u need the merc)) throw ovp for us))
Indian players
vlr . gg / rankings
Indian players
for what I know, their scene is much into valorant you can see team rankings on vlr, where there are 2 indian teams in top10 asia pacific
Sinners vs Dignitas
it's sns, anything is possible, just look @ forze game xd
Sinners vs Dignitas
75% vs 33% overpass being SINNERS permaban for a while, I'm pretty sure, dig will manage to lose it from 14-6 or 14-8 again
Wisla Krakow vs Sprout
Wisla ban d2 Sprout ban ovp Wisla pick train Sprout pick Vertigo Wisla ban Inferno Decider Mirage / Nuke Can be 2-0 sprout if they try hard or 2-1 wisla
Young Ninjas vs Trident
seized hungry for another merc mens)))))))))))))
OFFSET vs Galaxy Racer
11-4 12-16 Offset will win a map they're super bad at, SNOWSWEETSNOW))