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CSGO: FIFA ratings
so you give oskar 88/88 and woxic 90/97? :D
shroud is boring
I wouldnt say shroud's personality is perfect. He is also overreacting (not that much), but still its annoying, he cant act. His chat is spamming, what game he should play or randomly spamming anythin...
Sinners vs ENCE
Wasnt it for a moment? He wanted to rest from traveling, but after it he wanted to play in international team again and played with Edward and his group. If Sinners didn't have the potential, he would...
Favorite Actors?
+Arjen Robben. I really thought he'd get an Oscar.
Belgium Italy
Headset with good mic?
I can agree. HyperX is just overused company. Decent stuff, but i wouldnt buy their products, when it comes to Headsets, Keyboards, Mice, Mousepads. I had a terrible microphone on HyperX Cloud II.
C H I L L Games to play
Skyrim Mount and Blade State of Decay Subnautica XCOM Total Wars
Shroud: "Valorant is the first.."
Except events/updates/videos and paying streamers to sit and watch their major. Valve doesnt need to do anything and still be better than Valorant, because they allow third parties to do tournaments/l...
NA esports dead?
Remove anything from CS
Remove 95% of the EU CS community? I would remove 1vs1 aim warm up arenas.
+1 i dont play faceit often, but when i play (soloQ, Faceit Free) i get unbalanced lobbies (so many premades, boosters, new accounts, etc...). Rarely faceit match ends, where i can say this match was ...
Faceit lvl Poll
Same, faceit 10, but more than year i play MM time by time.
True Valorant opinion