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Kibaken and tonyblack same guy
why I hate Na'Vi but respect s1mple and electronic
Lol Flamie was top performer yesterday against NiP. Also, Navi shows some sick team work in their matches, but it gets overshadowed when Simple and Electronic make godlike plays where everybody is tal...
Edward pistol king. If you just type google cs pistol king, Edward vids will show
Pro You Respect The Most
Edward Zeus Pasha Neo Friberg F0rest GTR Stewie Jkaem Chrisj
Lol that is just pure bs. If anything, Faze are making sure their new additions get a fair amount of salary especially because of the lawsuit
Five seveN
No i think its too random. Rather buying p250
best alcohol drink?
Beer: Pilsner Urquell or Kozak, the Czech beer is the best in the world. Liquor: Coffee-layered liquor. Also nice if u dont like coffee If u like some sweet soft stuff: Pasoa. Can be mixed with oran...
Fav player from each country
Usa: Autimatic Canada: Twistzz Brazil: Steel Finland: Sunny France: K1oshima Norway: Jkaem Sweden: friberg Denmark: Aizy/cajunB Germany: Tizian Russia: El1an Ukraine: Edward Australia: AZR Poland: Taz...
Yeeeah man Edward is a fucking Boss. Always been my favorite player. Sometimes he doesn't always make smart plays, but on other times het waits patiently for his teammates instead of giving up his pos...
What worked for me was a quiz; Choose one of the following options: A) Cheesy Pickupline B) fun fact about me C) recipe And when ppl choose recipe you give her an daquiri recipe and say you wanted t...
Kane tweet
Wut? What is that conclusion? They are gonna try new things, while they can now because it won't affect the outcome of their standings here in the tournament. Why wouldn't they try some other things? ...
Best CS:GO match you have ever seen
Well Navi lost both but it still was one of the greatest matches of all time imo
Best CS:GO match you have ever seen
Navi vs LG MLG Columbus Grand Final Mirage Or Navi LG Overpass Katowice
asstralis fans right now. Cry is free. NaVi most likely team to dethrone ur boring cs team