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North vs fnatic
It is never an easy 2-0 with these boys. Not since march.
Serious Fnatic discussion
True. They should have won this game and they should win tomorrow. But you never know with these guys. They are better as soon as they sit in the same room, but I guess they are just used to go to LAN...
Vitality vs fnatic
I think if the coaches of both teams play in one of the teams instead of the teams best players, they would lose against the other team.
fnatic vs OG
This time JW will hold his nervs together and it will be the 2-0 it should have been the last time.
fnatic vs Complexity
Normaly it is the other way around with fnatic. Nice to see this!
fnatic vs Complexity
Dust 2 I would guess.
G2 vs fnatic
Nice to be remebered to all of these nice match ups. Don´t forget the legend choke against vitality yesterday.
G2 vs fnatic
Nothing has been easy for the last months. The lead is always easy and then they give it away. I don’t even know how many times we watched that...
G2 vs fnatic
If both of them played bad in the past, G2 managed to play decent just for this match up. So it is going to be a choke from fnatic I think and G2 will win it. But you could call me biased I think.
G2 vs fnatic
No. They are just fucking choking every single gane they habe a chance winning. It happened to many teams before. If you are so afraid of choking again, you will choke. Happened to Astralis and all ...
Fnatic Laughthread
It has been great lately! As soon as you get some hope they will fucking forget how to play and choke in a brutal way. It is just depressing to watch.
Yes. JW i so important in creating chaos, but he has to follow the chaos up with at least one kill and he is starting again doing that. I love that playstyle. It is amazing when it works out and then...
Yes, I know that feeling - becoming a fan 2015 and then watching all going to shit and beeing picked up again with Golden and LekrO and giong back to shit again and then beeing half decent with Xzist ...
Ups and Downs man. It is a little better than before. You take what you get as a fnatic fan.
He was very good today and against faze, too. They look better - makes you hope good things for the rest of the tournament.