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your country stereotype
True. We love 4 coutries and hate rest of the world xD
Your country’s darkest time in history?
His first album is still one of the best rap albums ever. Dre is great rapper
Favourite music artist?
Favorite singer - Elvis Presley Favorite band - Bon Jovi Favorite pop band - Maroon 5 Favorite rap band - NWA Favorite rapper - Eminem But, Elvis & Bon jovi GOATS
your country stereotype
Serbia-A country who fight all the time and hating everybody else. Well, Serbia is 1300y old, and he fight all the time, yes. But only because we dont accept to be someone’s bi**h. Even Turks were 40...
Astralis-Best CSGO team ever???
SPUNJ just confirmed what i said here... Astralis is best csgo team ever, and one of the best in CS history.
Best possible french team
Without best French CSGO player ever - Shox? You must be kidding me
Pathetic Americans, what else can you expect then insults for opponent players
NiKo or S1mple?
Currently? He’s doing great last 3 years mate. I know you are skandinavian, but please for love of God, be realistic.
nikos mouse
I’m pretty sure that’s zowie ec2-b
NiKo overrated?
Simple maybe is better, but just a little bit. Its not like you comparing karrigan with simple. Niko is best aimer in the world, he’s carrying faze like simple carry navi. They are very close
NiKo or S1mple?
brollan is cheating
Lmao Gold nova players please stop posting topics that every second csgo player is a cheater. We had it enough
Astralis-Best CSGO team ever???
? Huh ?